Never Forget Your Beginner’s Spirit

25 02 2010

Photo Credit: Lance Armstrong

In July, 2009 during the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong posted the above picture on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.  In case you have a hard time making out the picture, it is of his bike and says, “Never forget your beginner’s spirit!”

Anyone out there who competes in athletic activities (against your own goals or against other people) can relate to the quote.  As we grow as competitors it seems that the fun we used to have when we started can change into more of a chore.

Personally, I know that I sometimes get caught up with getting my runs over and done with instead of trying to enjoy them.  Once I look at it more as a pleasure again, instead of a chore, my entire body relaxes and the run isn’t only easier, but much more fun!

Take a few minutes today and think about this quote in your own life.  Maybe it will give you some inspiration to relive your beginner’s spirit too!

Do you remember your beginner’s spirit?  If so, how does it make you feel?  If not, I’d love to hear you try it sometime soon and report back!