Week of February 22 Recap and a Look Ahead

1 03 2010

Another great week of running down and I am one week closer to the marathon!  I was able to get in a solid 36.3 miles and felt amazing all week.  I am still very surprised not to have experienced any kind of injury thus far, but maybe a combination of experience and my Newton’s are helping!  Here’s how the week looked:

  • Monday – 30 minutes on the stationary bike and lifting
  • Tuesday – 5.4 miles
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – 5.6 miles
  • Friday – 4 miles
  • Saturday – 14.6 miles
  • Sunday – 6.7 miles

Today starts week eight of my plan and the last time I was at this point in my plan I ended up taking the entire week off due to posterior tibial tendonitis.  It is a real comforting feeling knowing that I am further ahead then I was last year at this point in the training plan and last year I set a PR by over 25 minutes.

I have been following Keri’s blog where she recently wrote an excellent post about Pilates for Runners.  I have known for a while that pilates is supposed to be excellent for runners, and I tried the P90X yoga video out once last summer but quit after 30 minutes because I was too bored.  The benefits that Keri mentioned in her blog post are all ones that I would love to experience so maybe this is the week I force myself to try out yoga again.

There is also supposed to be a core workout seminar on Thursday that I might try to attend because I know that I have not been giving my core the attention that I should.  The P90X ab and core workout video is top-notch so I need to start doing that again.  My goal is to do an ab/core workout at least two times this week, so let’s see if I can accomplish that.  Since we are doing a workout on Thursday at the seminar, that will give me one of the two workouts.

I have 37 miles on the agenda for this week and I am very excited to get started with them.  Tonight is XT and lifting though, so the running will have to wait at least one more day 🙂




3 responses

1 03 2010

Hey, thanks for the shout out 🙂
I look forward to hearing what you think of the core workout seminar. I have been focusing a lot on my core lately and have noticed a difference in my training so far. It will be interesting to see if my times improve once I start racing again.
Also, what do you think of P90X? A (male) friend recommended it to me, but I am not too familiar with it and only know of guys that do it. Just curious.

2 03 2010
David Yingling

Not a problem! It was inspiring so i wanted to share your site.

I’ll definitely be writing a post after the core workout seminar on what I learned and so forth.

I LOVE P90X! It is the only workout program that I have ever agreed with and “endorsed”. I’ll do a whole post about it sometime soon, but the workouts are excellent and you need very minimal equipment. It is for both women and men and they have both in every video in the series. I HIGHLY recommend it!

3 03 2010

Your looking good! I trudged along for 4 miles last night on the treadmill. I did a total of 12 miles last week, and hope to do about 14 this week. So far so good, as my back is doing ok. I hope to get outside this weekend and hit the pavement as it is supposed to warm up.

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