Eight Before Eight (Plus Six)

27 02 2010

My favorite time of the day to workout is in the morning, which is rather surprising since four of my six workouts each week occur after 5:00pm.  I think my favorite thing about working out in the morning is being able to get my workout done and over with, which means having the rest of the day free.  Working out in the evening means that by the time I am finished and showered it is already 7:00 or so which means half of the evening is already gone.

Every Saturday morning I have been running six miles with a running group at a local Fleet Feet, but today’s plan called for fourteen miles so a few of us started at 6:25 to get in eight before eight.  It was a little chilly getting out of the car (the bank I passed on the way said the temperature was 24 degrees) but after we started running it was fine.  With the snow yesterday and then a refreeze last night there were a couple of patches that were black ice, so we had to be careful around the corners.

It was a very comfortable pace and we ended up running 8.6 miles before making it back to the store to meet up with the larger group of people.  The extra six miles weren’t as bad as I expected.  Normally after I stop for a few minutes, the remaining run is brutal, but the 2nd half was even better than the first.  We ran at a 7:49 pace and my body felt great!  I was even able to hold a conversation, which is surprising for me running at that pace.  My fitness must be improving!

I love being able to get 14.6 miles in before 9:00 while the majority of my friends are still in bed.  It makes me feel great and I still have the rest of the day to do what I want!

I would love to do more workouts in the morning, but I am not a huge fan of running at 5:00am in pitch blackness by myself.  On the weekends I don’t have to worry about work so I don’t have any set time to be home by to shower and get dressed.

Do you ever workout in the morning?  If so, do you notice a difference from running at another time during the day?




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