Week of February 15 Recap

21 02 2010

I am very pleased with all of my runs this week.  I ended up putting in 27.5 miles on my “step back” week and they were all very high quality miles.  Here is what the week looked like:

  • Monday – 30 minutes on the stationary bike and lifting
  • Tuesday – 5.4 miles
  • Wednesday – 3.6 miles
  • Thursday – 3 miles and lifting
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – 6 miles and lifting
  • Sunday – 9.5 miles

Today’s run with my friend Jeff was the PERFECT capstone to the week.  The weather was beautiful and I ran at a very comfortable pace on a rolling hill course with three big hills on it.

Tomorrow starts my 7th week of my training schedule for the Delaware Marathon and a memory from last summer.  My 7th week of  training for Chicago last year ended in the start of 6 days off of running and then many more weeks of reduced mileage and intensity.  I’m thrilled that I am approaching that point and have yet to feel any major discomforts in my body.  I think it is a combination of my new running form (I started wearing Newton shoes), reducing the intensity of my runs, and being strict to my mileage (last year I’d gladly run an extra 4-6 miles on top of the 10 I already ran if someone asked me).  We’ll see if I can meet one of my goals for this year by running injury free!




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22 02 2010

sounds like a great week!

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