My 2010 Running Goals

18 02 2010

Every winter I think about what I want next year’s goals to be from a running standpoint.  Winter is usually the time when the running season is over and all I am doing is training (not racing).  That’s all fine and dandy, but this year I want to publish my goals, make them visible for all to see, and work hard towards to accomplish them since I can now be held accountable.  Let’s get right into it:

  • Have an injury free season
    • Every year I end up getting injured in some shape or form.  It typically pays a toll on my running and often times causes mental fatigue as well from being away from something that I love so much (when I have to rest).  My plan to help minimize an injury from happening it to listen to my body, stretch, and use a foam roller.
  • Run at least one 5K (and PR it)
    • I have never been a quick runner and maybe that is what draws me to the 5K.  The 5K is almost a sprint and I want to set a PR during one this year.  I don’t currently have one picked out, but am open to suggestions.
  • Run at least one 5 Mile race (and PR it)
    • There aren’t a lot of 5 mile races around, but ever since I was in grade school I have been running a 5 mile race every Thanksgiving.  My PR at this distance has stood for too long and needs to be broken!
  • Run at least one Half Marathon (and PR it)
    • What a great distance!  It’s the longest race where it is only your legs that have to overcome the conditions.  Let’s see if I can set another PR!
  • Run at least four Marathons (and PR it)
    • Why four?  No particular reason.  It was a number I picked (one in the spring and three in the fall is the plan) so I’m sticking to it.  My goal is eventually to make it to Boston and I have a loooong way to go!  The marathon is so much different from a half marathon in my opinion because it turns into a mental game.
  • Get faster
    • By accomplishing this goal I should be able to accomplish many of the ones above.  I think joining my running club for track workouts will be a great start to this, but if anyone has any other suggestions on how to get faster, I’m all ears!
  • Become more lean
    • My weight has always fluctuated and I have always packed a little more fat than what I desire.  I don’t have any specific weight that I want to be or anything like that, but I want to be under 10% body fat and have more muscle definition.
  • Complete an ultra?
    • This has always been a goal of mine, but always a future one.  After making a new friend in Denise (ultra runner herself) I have become more inspired to try one out.  We’ll see if I get to this one or not.

That does it.  My goals are now public and I can now be held accountable for them.  I plan to come back to these every few months or so to talk about the progress I am making and it will be interesting to see if it makes any difference this year since I am making these public.  I have a feeling that I will be a tad more motivated but who knows!

My running club is hosting a 5 mile race this Saturday which I am volunteering at, so maybe I’ll be able to race it as well and knock out one of my goals.




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18 02 2010

What’s an ultra? The list seem to get more intense the further down you go, so with ultra being the last… I can’t even imagine.

18 02 2010
David Yingling

Good question Pat, I should’ve explained! An ultra is any race longer than a marathon (26.2 miles). Technically a 27 mile race would be considered an ultra, but usually an ultra would be a 50K (31 miles), 50 miler, or 100 miler. They also have 24 hour races where you run as many miles as you can get in. You want to join?! I bet you could run a marathon!

3 03 2010
Week of February 15 Recap | Run David Run

[…] on top of the 10 I already ran if someone asked me).  We’ll see if I can meet one of my goals for this year by running injury […]

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