Ohhhh Friday

12 02 2010

I absolutely love Fridays.  Not only is it the end of the work week but it is also my one day off of running and lifting.  As much as I love working out, I look forward to my one day of rest to let my body recover.  It’s also amazing how much more time you have in the evenings.  Usually I will get home from work at around 4:50 and I”m not done working out and showered until around 6:15 or so, leaving me with only 3-4 hours before I go to bed.

I was pretty upset at dinner time tonight because Laura was really craving a taco salad and made a delicious looking one consisting of ground turkey, lettuce, and cheese.  Normally I would be alllll about that but I don’t eat meat on Fridays (I’ll have to explain in another post sometime) so I resorted to a huge bowl of whole wheat pasta.  The pasta was probably the better decision anyways since I am running 12 miles tomorrow morning and need as much energy as I can for a 6:45am run.

The Olympics opening ceremony is on tonight but neither Laura nor I have any interest in watching it.  We’d prefer to watch some of the actual competitions!  OH!  And did you hear about the Olympic luger who died today?  That is so sad!  And to think that he worked so hard to get to the Olympics and didn’t even get to compete.  How about that pole he hit?  I’m sure a few heads were rolling after the head honchos for the Olympics found out that there was a pole that wasn’t even padded along the luge course!

Someone from the Delaware Marathon e-mailed me to confirm that I was registered for the race today too.  I sent them a check as opposed to signing up online because they charge you a “convenience fee” to register online.  I can’t remember how much it was, but it was maybe $3-4.  That’s so stupid!  Having registration online makes it easier for people because they get the information immediately, they don’t have to manually type in information, and they don’t have to manually send a confirmation e-mail.  One day sites will learn not to charge “convenience fees”.  Or maybe they won’t as long as there are still people who use them.




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