The Aftermath

11 02 2010

Work was closed until 11:00 today because of the snow and the trains were really delayed, so I decided to work from home for the day.  There are lots of positives and negatives to working from home.  Positives: you don’t have to shower, you don’t have to change, you have many options for lunch, you can fit in your workouts easier, etc.  The negatives: you tend to work more hours because you can log on earlier and stay later, harder to get visibility, no social interaction, etc.

My lunch time involved heading out for a 3 mile run and lifting, and it was great to see the aftermath of the storm.  The crews have done an unbelievable job removing the snow on the roads and I was surprised by how many people cleared their sidewalks.  There were still quite a few sidewalks that were not clear so I found myself going back and forth between the sidewalks and the street and thee were also some places where I had to run through the snow, but my 8:11 pace was very good despite the conditions.  I wore my trail shoes expecting more snow, but am glad that I wore them for the few times I had no other option but to run in the snow.  It was also very bright outside with the sun reflecting off the snow, so my sunglasses were crucial.  After my run I was able to get some lifting in and still get back to my computer before the next meeting.  It was so neat to run on the sidewalks where a snow blower was used because there was a solid wall (around 3 feet tall) of snow on each side of me.

I’m off tomorrow, but Saturday I am planning to run 12 miles with a few of my friends so I am looking forward to that.




One response

11 02 2010
adam zengel

Awesome blog and stories David. I am looking into setting up a blog myself and I can add my running as another topic.

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