Running in a Blizzard!

10 02 2010

Wow!  What an experience!  I thought last night’s run was great, but it did not come close to how much fun I had running in a blizzard.

Photo Credit: Me

I headed out from the apartment and made my way through the complex.  I have used Brooks Cascadia shoes before to run on trails (that is what they are designed for) but have never used them for any other reason.  I figured that they would better than my Newton’s, which are meant to keep your feet cool, and would also provide enough grip so that I wouldn’t slide around in the snow.  I also didn’t bring along my watch along for the first time in a LONG time and it was nice not to even think about my time while running.

The route I chose to run took me into downtown Lansdale and it was absolutely gorgeous!  I brought along my camera (another first) and took quite a few pictures to capture my journey.  There was a surprisingly high number of cars on the road and a lot of people out shoveling their snow as well as walking around.  I ran on the road because the sidewalks were not clear but did not feel like it was very dangerous at all because for 1) there were not very many cars, 2) they were going really slow because of the 6″+ on the roads, and 3) I jumped to the side whenever one was coming.  The wind was whipping pretty hard and I thought about going back to get my sunglasses to shield my eyes, but decided against it.  I don’t know if I just got used to it or if my face went numb, but I didn’t notice it after about a half mile.

In downtown Lansdale some guy yelled at me out his car window but I am not sure exactly what he said and I just laughed at him.  He ended up stopping and as I ran past him he yelled something else.  I had the last laugh though because he ended up getting stuck by making the stupid decision to stop when he already had momentum going.  I guess my two foot drive worked better than his 4 wheel drive 🙂

The shoes ended up holding up pretty darn well and the only thing that would’ve helped even more would have been if I had yak trax.  They basically do the same thing as putting chains on your tires.  It was such a liberating experience to run without a watch and in such beautiful weather.  I may have to start bringing a camera along more often because it was fun to capture my run in pictures!  I still think running is the best way to see a town and I am sticking with it!

I definitely plan on going out again tomorrow to see the aftermath of the storm.  We received over 13″ on top of the two feet we already had and it is supposed to keep coming down at 1-2 inches an hour well into the night, so it should be gorgeous tomorrow as well.  Be sure to check out the pictures that I took!




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