Here Comes the Snow!!!

10 02 2010

Last night’s run with my running club was AMAZING!  We are expecting another 1-2 feet of snow in the Philadelphia area after already receiving around two feet and it just started to come down as we took off at 6:30 last night.  I was with a group of four others who run my pace and it was a great run from the beginning.  We had to watch our steps since the streets still had some patches of snow/ice from the last storm, but it wasn’t dangerous or anything like that.  The snow slowly picked up as we hit mile 1 and shortly after we were squinting because it was coming down so hard.  The lights from the houses, smell from fireplaces, and the snow made it a beautiful sight!  At around mile 3.5 of our 5.4 mile run the snow really got heavy and the street was showing accumulation.  We made it back to the store after managing a 7:50 pace and were thrilled, despite having to constantly slow down around the turns and trekking through the sludge.

Photo Credit: Me

This morning I realized we had a blizzard warning so there was no point to even try to make it to work.  Too many people working from home forced our network down so I am barely able to get much work done.  I take that with mixed emotion because I have quite a bit of work to get done, but at the same time it is nice to have a break in the middle of the week.  Hopefully the network will be back up soon.

The snow is really coming down now though!  It is supposed to get heavier as the day goes on and I am anxious to see the full impact of the blizzard.  I might have to throw the trail shoes on and get my run in before it gets too too bad.  I love the snow!!!




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